Setup ShieldedVPN for iPhone/iPad

Important: Please Check Your email to find your VPN username and password. 

You will receive this when you sign up for our VPN service with a premium option.

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Server: Choose one from this list First Column

Description: Whatever you want to name the connection.

Server: Choose one from this list in Green near you.

Remote ID:

Username: See Email (Account Details)

Password: See Email (Account Details)

Please note you will need to purchase a plan through ShieldedVPN for this to work.

Watch: How to set up ShieldedVPN for iPhone/iPad With iKev2

We do not use an iOS app as it ends up draining a lot of battery on your iPhone/iPad.  Apple has VPN setup included inside the device.  It’s nice and simple so we will walk you through it in this video.

You will need a physical location near to where you live for this setup, here is a list of locations.  If for some reason a location doesn’t work choose the next closest to you.

Manual Setup

How to Setup for Different Protocols.



Manual Setup Video

IKev2 Video

IPsec Video

L2TP Video

Manual Setup Steps

PPTP Setup

L2PT Setup

If you still need help the options are to check our knowledge base or open a ticket.  If you are in a hurry we may have live support open.

To use live chat support click on the blue circle in the bottom left corner and we will help you resolve any issues.  If the button is not present then it’s temporarily closed and a ticket works best.

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