Why Should I Use VPN When Using Cryptocurrency?

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If you are a cryptocurrency trader, user, or investor, you need a reliable crypto VPN solution. When you don’t use a VPN, you make it easy for governments, corporations, and malicious individuals, to track your crypto wallet balance, identity, and real-world location. This represents a major security threat.

You Need a Reliable Crypto VPN Solution

Using a VPN to buy crypto coins like Bitcoin isn’t always a good idea. However, if you use or already own any cryptocurrency, it’s high time that you consider using a VPN.

Cryptocurrency is Pseudonymous—Not Anonymous

Why you need a reliable crypto VPN solution is simple. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is not anonymous. There are some exceptions in the form of privacy coins like Monero.

However, for the most part, digital currency is pseudonymous. This means that it is easy to associate your IP address with your wallet balance, identity, and even real-world location.

How a Crypto VPN Helps You Stay Safe

How a crypto VPN helps you stay safer online is simple. The majority of cryptocurrency users and investors store coins in-app wallets like Exodus, Coinomi, and Electrum.

For the most part, app wallets offer an excellent level of security. However, hackers who know your device’s physical IP address can easily circumvent app wallet and overall device security.

  • Hackers regularly target the IP addresses of known cryptocurrency users with ransomware. Once infected, devices become inoperable until device owners pay hefty ransoms.
  • Several burglaries and kidnappings have successfully targeted cryptocurrency users in recent years after hackers have used IP address details to track the real-life locations of users.
  • Governments and corporations increasingly attempt to track cryptocurrency users online, to clamp down on cryptocurrency tax avoidance.

Using a VPN neutralizes all of the above privacy concerns. This is thanks to the fact that VPNs disguise your IP details, making online tracking impossible.

Should You be Using a VPN to Buy Crypto?

VPN service that masks your IP and never logs your behavior online is recommended.

Many VPN services recommend that users only ever buy and trade coins like Bitcoin online using a VPN. However, this is bad advice.

  • Most cryptocurrency exchanges prohibit users from using VPNs and insist that all users verify their identity.
  • If exchanges like Binance or Coinbase identify you as using a VPN, they may freeze your account, along with any digital currency in your exchange wallet.
  • Exchanges often only serve users in specific geographic areas. This can make it impossible to recover funds when accounts are frozen.

Bitcoin currently sells on exchanges for tens of thousands of dollars per coin. Because of this, risking exchange accounts being frozen after depositing cash or buying coins as a result of using a VPN isn’t advisable.

Sadly, not all VPN service providers will disclose this.

When Should You Use a VPN?

To improve your cryptocurrency security, we advise using a VPN to protect digital assets that you already own that you already store on your PC or mobile device. This will prevent your device’s IP address and physical location from being made known to hackers.

Invest in a Robust Crypto VPN to Improve Your Digital Asset Security

Our recommended VPN services make available the best VPN for cryptocurrency storage currently available, by never tracking or logging your activity online.

Unlike other crypto VPN solutions like Nord VPN, you can also rest assured that our servers have never been hacked or implicated in sensitive data leaks.

Invest in better security for your wallet balance. Improve your day-to-day cryptocurrency security.