Our VPN service, its operators (Shielded VPN owners, associates and staff) and constituents deem that the privacy and security of our users and purchasers’ data are of the highest importance. As such, we administer firm policies protecting your privacy and security. This document (Privacy Policy) defines and informs you of any and all of the occasions in which your information and data may be saved and how it may be used.

Our privacy guidelines are simple: we’ll never release any data regarding you or your account to anyone with the exception of law enforcement personnel with the proper documents and paperwork. We do not and will not observe user sessions for improper behavior, unless compelled to by law enforcement with proper documents and paperwork. However, if within the course of normal business (including complaints from the general community) we find out you are violating our Terms of Service Agreement we will terminate your account and may not issue any refunds.

Shielded VPN acknowledges and values your privacy. Shielded VPN will hold of information of data provided by you with greatest re and will never use it in ways in which you have not consented to.

Personal Information Collection

Personally Identifiable Information includes all such information which may be directly connected to an individual such as: name, phone number or email address as well as information regarding activities directly related to an individual such as: products or services purchased or used.

Personally Identifiable Information may be provided to us by you or by someone on your behalf while interacting with us on-line and off-line.

In addition, in the course of using Shielded VPN services, you or somebody else on your behalf may give out information about yourself or give admission to your system. This information may include, but not restricted to:

  • Names and IP addresses
  • Operating Systems
  • Operational Logs


We use browser cookies on this web site just like many other organizations to enhance the quality of our service. Cookies are sent to your computer that exclusively identifies your browser and a range of related data. Typically each browser is setup to allow cookies, however this preference can be modified by resetting your browser to show when a cookie is being sent or to decline all cookies.

  • Your OS (Operating System)
  • Your Browser type
  • Browser language
  • IP Address
  • Date/time of visit
  • Referring website (the website you visited before coming to our site)
  • URL of pages visited, etc.

All or some part of this information is linked to Personally Identifiable Information to enhance offerings and offer better service to our clients. Please disable cookies in your browser if you do not wish for your navigational patterns being analyzed. However, it’s strongly suggested that you enable cookies so that you can properly use Shielded VPN services.

How This Information is Used

Personally Identifiable Information is used by Shielded VPN to better identify with your needs and interests, perform business, improve and expand our company, individualize communications, develop services and ensure an excellent experience for users of the Shielded VPN website and services. This information could also be used to:

  • Correspond, interact and build our rapport with you
  • Get in touch with you with pertinent promotions and information regarding Shielded VPN and affiliated third-parties.
  • Process, execute and follow up on transactions and requests for products, services, support and information.
  • Create and preserve an account and register products and services.
  • Evaluate, analyze and advance our service, the efficiency of our web site, our advertising and marketing.
  • Personalize content and promotions.
  • Help discover and communicate offers of products, services and programs that may be of importance to you.
  • Comply with legal necessities.
  • Implement terms of service and website terms of use, and thwart scams and other prohibited or felonious actives.

Information Sharing and Disclosure does not share, sell or rent out your private information with non-affiliated companies or other people with the exception of providing products or services you have requested for, when you give us consent, or under the following conditions:

  • In reaction to court orders, subpoenas, legal process. To protect against legal claims or institute or exercise our legal rights.
  • To provide the information to our trustworthy partners who work on behalf of or with Shielded VPN under privacy agreements.
  • To transfer data regarding our clients if Shielded VPN is purchased by or merged with another company. If this happens in future, Shielded VPN will advise you before the transmission of your information and becoming subject to a different privacy guidelines altogether.

Data Protection and encryption

All Personally Identifiable Information, public and private keys, passwords, etc. are stored in an encrypted format, using tough cryptographic algorithms. Applicable security measures are taken for the protection of this information against unauthorized access, unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure of information. Access to personal information by Shielded VPN staff, contractors and agents is restricted. They require that information in order to manage, grow or enhance our services but are bound by privacy obligations. They may be subjected to disciplinary action, which includes termination and legal action, upon failing to fulfill these commitments.

DMCA Notices and File Sharing Activities

You consent that you will not perform any kind of illegal file sharing activities, including patented material, in jurisdictions wherever it’s outlawed (namely the United States of America, United Kingdom (UK) , Canada, Australia and others).

Important Note

Shielded VPN reserves the right to evaluate and bring up to date this policy whenever needed. it will become binding as soon as we update our privacy policy and it will be the responsibility of users to frequently check for our updated Privacy Policy.