VPN Cheap Flights – How to Use a VPN to Get Cheap Flights

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Is it true that you can get cheaper flights using a VPN to view online ticketing sites? The answer is a surprising yes.

However, learning how to use a VPN to get cheap flights isn’t as easy as you might think. Here, we’ll look at the VPN cheap flights phenomenon and how you can get the best deals.

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How do VPN Cheap Flights Work?

It happens to everyone. You are looking for the best deals for flight tickets online. You come across a deal that matches your itinerary and budget.

Then, just as you refresh the page, prices start increasing.

Airlines have long been accused of using cookies to track customer habits and increase flight ticket prices accordingly. However, all strenuously deny this claim. What airlines do use, though, is dynamic pricing and customer profiling.

What is Dynamic Pricing and User Profiling?

Dynamic pricing refers to a set of criteria airlines use to serve different flight ticket prices to different consumers. Typically, the prices you see when planning your itinerary are, therefore, set in accordance with how airlines profile you as a traveler.

  • Airlines often show different prices to different website users depending on their physical location.
  • Many airlines determine flight prices by looking at your past purchasing history.
  • Airlines attempt to determine from your route whether you are a business or leisure traveler.

Given the above, booking cheap flights using a VPN is made possible by removing the ability of airlines to profile you as you compare ticket prices.

How to Use a VPN to Get Cheap Flights

How to use a VPN to get cheap flights is relatively straightforward. A VPN will dynamically tunnel Internet traffic through a network of IP addresses in multiple different countries. 

To start your hunt for flight ticket discounts, all you need to do is switch servers when viewing airline ticket websites.

  • Switching servers forces airline websites to display ticket prices that they
    otherwise only show travelers visiting from different geographic areas.
  • The biggest savings are typically possible on international flights.
  • While controversial, booking tickets from a virtual IP from within a supposedly ‘rich’ country, will always cost more than when booking tickets from less wealthy countries.

In some cases, people who use a VPN to get cheap flights can save thousands of dollars. This is especially true when travelers book flights between the United States and Europe—but book from virtual IP addresses in places like Bulgaria.

What is The Best VPN Country for Cheap Flights?

The fact that it can be cheaper to book flights from certain countries is the best-kept secret in the airline industry. However, anyone who uses a VPN when booking flights will notice that ticket prices are often consistently lower in certain countries over others.

Some of the best VPN counties to book cheap flights from include:

  • Malaysia
  • Bulgaria
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Romania

In every case, though, VPN users should experiment with server switching for themselves to get the best deals.

VPNs Don’t Just Help Travelers Save

Using a VPN to buy cheap flight tickets helps savvy travelers save hundreds of dollars each year. However, it’s not just airlines that use dynamic pricing models.

Many online retailers and service providers also fix prices in accordance with the physical location of consumers. This being the case, a VPN can help you save on everything from your next vacation to your next Udemy or MasterClass course.

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