VPN for Chrome

The Best VPN for Chrome in 2021 – Comparing VPN Apps Vs. Extensions

What is the best VPN for Chrome in 2021? Moreover, why do you need a VPN? Isn’t
using Incognito Mode enough to protect your privacy?

At present, 68.26% of global Internet users use Google Chrome to browse the
Internet. This makers Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser. However,
Google Chrome is far from the world’s most private.

One way to enhance privacy in Google Chrome is to use a VPN or use Google Chrome
in Incognito Mode. However, if you do this, there are still some privacy issues you
need to be aware of.

What is the Best VPN for Chrome in 2020?

Do you have concerns about how big companies like Google use your web browsing

If you do care about Internet privacy, you are probably already familiar with many
free VPN extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. You are likely also a regular
user of Google Chrome in Incognito Mode. There is just one problem.

Despite advertising themselves as such, browser extensions available in the Chrome
Web Store are not true VPNs. Because of this, extensions to little to legitimately
protect your privacy.

  • VPN apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store do not encrypt your web
    browsing data.
  • By not encrypting data, everything you do online is still visible to VPN app
    providers and people they share data with.
  • Free VPN web browser extensions often contain spyware apps that harvest user
    data for malicious purposes.

A VPN Browser Extension is Not a True VPN

As it stands, if you use a VPN for Chrome in the form of a Chrome web browser
extension, all that you are doing is using a proxy server to browse the Internet.

When using a proxy, all your Internet traffic is routed through one or more different
IP addresses. This is important, as whoever operates these addresses can monitor
your behavior and even inject malicious code into your web browser.

  • When you use a VPN browser extension, your PC model, operating system details, and even device screen resolution can all be identified by websites you visit.
  • In most cases, it is easy to determine the physical IP address of a person using a VPN extension, even when traffic is sent between the Internet and your web browser is encrypted.
  • When using VPN extensions, background processes and other apps on your device still connect to the Internet normally.

Though there is no replacement for a VPN using Brave Browser is more secure than Google Chrome.

What About Google Chrome Incognito Mode?

Are you looking for the Best VPN for Chrome in 2021? If so, it is a basic fact that no
free VPN browser extension is truly safe to use. – What, though, about built-in
privacy features like Google Chrome Incognito Mode?

If you are looking to stop big corporations from tracking your behavior online, using
Google Chrome in Incognito Mode is a safer option than using a free VPN extension.
However, Incognito Mode itself also has a few worrying privacy flaws.

Using Google Chrome Incognito Mode Vs a VPN

How Google Chrome Incognito Mode works is simple. Whenever you browse the
Internet normally, websites you visit set tracking cookies in your browser. These are
small snippets of code that keep reporting back to websites after you visit other

  • Cookies track where you go online to identify your personal search preferences.
  • Most cookies sell the information they gather to advertisers. Either this or they
    use data to tailor their own ads to you personally.
  • Cookies track not just your web browsing habits, but also what social media platforms you use.

Most cookies also track your adult entertainment preferences. Worse, many gather
data about who you bank with, who your email provider is, and even where you live.

Thankfully, Google Chrome Incognito Mode stops cookies from tracking you. It does
this by deleting all cookies as soon as a web browsing session ends. This means that
every time you go online using Incognito Mode, you appear as a stranger to most

Sadly, what Incognito Mode can’t do is disguise your physical location. In theory,
though, Incognito Mode is perfect for most everyday Internet users. There is just one

Google Chrome Class Action Lawsuits

Because Google Chrome Incognito Mode prevents website cookies from tracking
users, many people go Incognito rather than trust free VPN extensions to protect
their privacy.

Sadly, ongoing legal action against Google in the U.S. suggests that using Incognito
Mode doesn’t protect your privacy as well as you might think.

  • According to an ongoing claim against Google in the U.S. District Court for the
    Northern District of California , Google itself has been caught secretly harvesting
    the browsing data of people using Incognito Mode.
  • Until recently, Google claimed that Chrome does not track users who use
    Incognito Mode. However, this statement was recently revoked ahead of the
    current California legal complaint being filed.
  • Now, Google openly admits that when using Google Chrome in Incognito Mode,
    Google itself can track user behavior using an in-built browser tracking system.

In short, Google Chrome still prevents websites you visit from tracking you. However,
Google itself will still track your behavior, as well as share data gathered from doing
so with third parties.

The Only Real Way to Safeguard Your Privacy Online is to Use a VPN

Given the security dangers of free VPN extensions and recent Google policy change,
there is only one way to protect your privacy when using Google Chrome. – We’re
talking, of course, about using a full VPN, not just a VPN add-on or extension.

When you use a full VPN, you benefit from being able to browse the Internet in total
privacy. This is thanks to the fact that VPN services like ourselves at Shielded VPN ,
encrypt every byte of data your device ever sends over the Internet. More
importantly, we never track your behavior in any way.

  • Full VPNs like Shielded encrypt all the data you send over the Internet, to
    prevent others from snooping on what you are doing or tracking your behavior.
  • By encrypting traffic and changing your IP address, not even built-in web
    browser tracking tools can make sense of who you are, where you are physically
    located, or what you are doing online.
  • At Shielded VPN, we work hard to anonymize your identity by tunneling all data
    from your device through a network of over 300,000 dynamic IP addresses.
Turn Your iPhone Into a Personal Privacy Shield

Shielded’s VPN for Chrome Vs. Free VPN Services

Shielded VPN is available for use on PCs running Google Chrome, as well as up to five
other devices like your tablet or smartphone, for just $3.08 per month. This makes
Shielded the best VPN for Chrome web browser users in terms of value in 2021.

There are, of course, many VPNs online that say they do the same as we do free of
charge. However, free VPNs are usually VPNs in name only.

Almost all free VPN services (and even some paid VPN browser extensions) are
notorious for logging and tracking users. This being the case, never use free VPNs or
VPN extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Instead, protect your privacy to the
fullest extent possible, by using a real VPN like Shielded .