What is the Best VPN for PC and Mobile Device Users in 2021?

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Using a VPN for PC and mobile web browsing is the only way to ensure that what you do online stays completely private in 2021. However, not every VPN on the market is as private or as secure as you might think.

Are you planning to start using a VPN for PC and mobile browsing? If so, make sure you choose the best by following our buying guide.

What to Look for When Choosing a VPN for PC and Mobile Devices

When choosing a VPN for PC and mobile devices, it is important not to fall for what are essentially marketing gimmicks. TunnelBear, for example, is currently the top VPN for budget VPN users. However, TunnelBear actively blocks torrenting.

The only way TunnelBear can block torrenting is by monitoring what you do online. This means that TunnelBear maintains at least some logs concerning how users use their service. This makes TunnelBear a VPN service to avoid if you really care about online privacy.

Make Sure a VPN You Choose Hasn’t Been Hacked

As a rule, the best VPN services never track or log user behavior. When VPNs do log user behavior, there is always a risk that VPN servers can become a target for hackers.

Over the past 12-months, NordVPN, Travelex, and Citrix have all been proven to be susceptible to hackers. In the case of Citrix, it is even the case that hackers were able
to access VPN servers undetected for 5-months.

All the VPN services so far cited have since put measures in place to prevent data breaches. However, if you plan to use a VPN for PC and mobile web browsing, VPN logging and network security is something that is important to consider.

Always Choose a High-Speed VPN

VPNs facilitate untraceable private Internet access by tunneling traffic through networks of servers. Sadly, this can result in web browsing speeds slowing to crawl during high traffic periods.

As a rule, free VPNs are always slow. However, even popular premium VPNs like ExpressVPN are known to slow during peak use times.

Do you rely on high-speeds and 24/7 network uptime? If so, make sure to choose a VPN that benefits from the support of an extensive network of servers in several different locations. This will reduce the chances of network speeds taking a hit during high-traffic periods.

Choose a VPN for PC and Mobile Devices that Allows Dynamic Switching

Dynamic switching is a feature that allows VPN users to manually switch between different VPN server locations. This is vital if you plan to use a VPN to access content that is not available in certain global locations but is in others.

That is why we recommend PureVPN. It has apps available for all platforms and allows 10 connections at a time!