Best VPN for Ubuntu

What is the Best VPN for Ubuntu and Linux in 2021?

2020 promises to be a major year for Linux. In April, everyone’s favorite Linux
operating system Ubuntu will launch the first-ever version of the OS designed to be supported for 10-years. The only question is, what is the best VPN for Ubuntu and other Linux distros in 2020?

What is the Best VPN for Ubuntu?

Few VPN clients offer native support for Linux. Of those that do, some are also more reputable than others. As a case in point, we need to look no further than Nord VPN. Up until 2019, Nord VPN was the go-to VPN for most Debian based Linux users.

However, many Linux users have since begun abandoning the platform⁠.

In late 2019, researchers on Twitter were successful in forcing Nord’s in-house
security team to confirm that malicious attackers had been in possession of key Nord server security certificates since March 2018.

  • Nord denies it was the victim of a successful hack. However, not being aware of a security certificate breach for over a year is worrying.
  • Nord’s security and PR team were originally reluctant to make details of the 2018 security beach public.
  • As a result of the delay in disclosing the March 2018 security breach, many Linux and Windows users have lost faith in the security of Nord’s VPN service.

Thankfully, as of 2020, there are a variety of alternate VPN clients that Linux users can consider using.

Shielded VPN - The Best Linux VPN Client for Total Security

Linux and Windows users use VPN clients to benefit from total security when
browsing the Internet. For this reason, Shielded VPN is starting to make major waves in the Linux community.

As well as the best VPN for ubuntu in terms of ease of setup, Shielded combines several notable security features.

  • Shielded’s servers never log the browsing data of Windows or Linux users.
  • VPN users benefit from lightning-fast VPN speeds that are made possible by dynamically tunneling traffic through over 300,000 dynamic IP addresses.
  • Easy server switching means that Linux and Ubuntu users can change their IP address to appear as if browsing from any one of 140 different worldwide geographic areas.

The Best VPN for Ubuntu in Terms of Setup

Setting up Shielded’s VPN service on Ubuntu is altogether simple. First, Linux users purchase a subscription plan. After purchasing a plan, new user VPN usernames, passwords and a set of instructions are sent via email. After receiving these, VPN access can be set up in seconds via the Ubuntu or Gnome in-built network manager.

Try 2020’s Best Linux VPN Client Risk-Free

Are you a Linux or Ubuntu user? If so, Shielded’s VPN service starts at just $2.49 a month. With all new subscriptions, users also have 4-days to claim their money back in full, if unhappy with Shielded’s overall VPN features.

No other Linux, Mac or Windows VPN offers a full money-back guarantee. This
being the case, take Shielded’s VPN for a risk-free test drive today by clicking here.