Why Use a VPN? – Why do I Need a VPN in 2021?

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Why use a VPN in 2021? Do you really need a VPN? Or are VPNs just for people who have something to hide?

It’s not a conspiracy theory. When you go online, everyone is watching. Your ISP, your government, and companies like Google, are all constantly harvesting your data. If you are not happy with them doing so, you need a VPN.

Why Use a VPN if I Have Nothing to Hide?

It is a mistake to assume that you only need to worry about things like Internet privacy if you are a criminal.

The amount of information companies like Google harvest from Internet users in 2021 is staggering. Studies have shown, for example, that even when an Android smartphone is in airplane mode, it will still report your exact location to Google.

  • In 2018, researchers monitoring how smartphones behave in airplane mode found that Google devices still reported the exact location of users throughout the day.
  • No sim cards were present in any of the phones in airplane mode. Sending data to Google should, therefore, have been impossible.
  • Despite not having overt access to mobile data networks, phones in the 2018 study still sent data to Google revealing 121 exact user locations, along with data revealing 130 different user activities.

That’s right. Even when you don’t have any credit or mobile data available, your phone still tracks your location. As it does, it also tells Google what it thinks you are doing.

Eating, sleeping, walking, getting in or out of a vehicle, Google wants to know absolutely everything about you.

How Does Using a VPN Protect Your Privacy?

Are you happy with Google knowing what time you retire in the evening — or who you are sleeping with? If not, it’s time that you made your digital life more private.

As it stands, using a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is the easiest way to stop companies like Google from spying on you.

How VPNs Work

When you use a VPN service, your real IP address is hidden from websites that you visit while browsing the Internet. This stops websites from tracking you. More importantly, neither your ISP, Google, or your government, can track your real-life location, or monitor your online behavior.

In effect, a VPN masks your online identity. This helps you better protect your privacy. More importantly, using a VPN prevents companies like Google from monitoring everything from your eating habits to your web browsing history.

Why Use a VPN on All Your Devices?

The most important thing to remember when using a VPN is that it is best to do so on all your devices.

If you use a VPN on your smartphone but not your laptop, companies like Google can still track you. Stop Google from snooping on your love life.

If you are not using a VPN on all your devices it may be time to start. We choose PureVPN as they work on all devices and you can use up to 10 connections at a time.