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PureVPN Review

PureVPN 2021 Updated Review | Is It Secure?

PureVPN is a VPN company whose headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands that offers both a broad and a privacy-focused VPN service. The company has all of the necessary characteristics to keep you disguised and untraceable. This updated PureVPN review will lead you through all the essentials of a good VPN that will help…

Can VPN Cause Lag to Other Players

Can VPN Cause Lag to Other Players?

VPN cannot cause lag to other players. On the contrary, a VPN is utilized to eliminate lag. Every player has an impact on the other players in online games. As a result, if one player experiences excessive latency, other players may also suffer the same problem, whether or not the player who lags is using…

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NoPing Review

NoPing Review 2021 Updated | Does It Work?

Yes, it works, NoPing is a top gamers’ VPN service that reduces ping, boosts frames per second, and gives you a smooth gaming experience without any lags or high latency. NoPing uses a unique multi-connection technology that routes your traffic through its own global network of gaming servers. It is an easy-to-use software that will…

Can You use a VPN on a Mobile Hotspot

Can You Use A VPN on A Mobile Hotspot?

You can use a VPN on a mobile hotspot, although the connection is not as direct. You must first install the VPN on your mobile phone. The second step is to set up the system. EasyTether and PDANet+ are all examples of free applications that allow you to share the internet connection of your Android…

Can a VPN Cause Packet Loss

Can a VPN Cause Packet Loss or Help Me Stop It?

Depending on whether the VPN is a paid or free service, it can both induce and prevent packet loss at the same time. Premium VPN connections can assist decrease packet loss when browsing the Internet or gaming. You should realize that only premium VPNs can assist reduce packet loss.  In this article, we will be…

Can You Connect To VPN Without Internet

Can You Connect To VPN Without Internet?

It is not possible to connect VPN without the internet because VPN is just a customized “tunnel” that runs across the normal Internet. If you do not have access to the Internet, you will be unable to utilize a VPN. The use of a basic Internet connection is necessary because at both ends of the…

Can You Get Booted if you have a VPN

Can You Get Booted if you Have a VPN?

Even with a VPN, you can still get booted because a VPN does not stop booting but makes it unlikely. VPN shields your system from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks such as IP booting. Once you’ve set up a Virtual Private Network, you’re protected against DoS attacks from those who know your IP address.  It…

Can You Use VPN with Ethernet

Can You Use VPN with Ethernet

You can use Ethernet with a VPN. Ethernet is an IP packet-carrying transmission medium, making it ideal for a VPN connection. VPNs require the capacity to send IP packets to the VPN gateway or destination, as well as the ability to instruct your operating system to reroute all IP packets that you wish to be…