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Shielded VPN is no longer taking any new customers and will shut down once all current subscriptions are complete. We simply didn’t have enough customers.

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The Shielded VPN Money Back Guarantee

VPN web browsing with Shielded VPN couples state-of-the-art encryption with high-speeds and ultra-security. However, if you are not 100% happy with our service we will refund your subscription, providing you notify us within 4-days.

Our 4-day money-back guarantee means that you can sample the benefits of private Internet browsing completely risk-free.  You will receive 100% of the money back that is received to Shielded VPN, minus the PayPal fees, if you are not completely satisfied with our service for any reason.

High-Speed Private Internet Access

Shielded VPN enables private Internet browsing on up to 5 individual devices. With Shielded VPN, you also benefit from ultra-secure browsing and zero downtime. This is thanks to the fact that our network is supported by over 300,000 IP addresses. Supported VPN tunnel protocols include PPTP, L2TP, OVPN, SSTP, IPSEC, and IKEV.

No Logs and Unlimited Bandwidth

Free browser VPN plugins and some paid VPN services say they facilitate private Internet access. However, many still log traffic and record your activity online. Some others also throttle download speeds. Shielded VPN is different. We offer unlimited bandwidth and we never log or track user behavior.

The Easy Setup Windows, Mac, and Linux VPN Client

Using a VPN is the easiest and smartest way to enjoy private internet browsing.

Shielded VPN allows you to stay free and truly anonymous online, by relaying all your Internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. Our VPN service is also available for all PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, and Linux devices.

Private Internet Browsing Has Never Been Easier

Choose from several monthly and yearly subscription plans protection

Anonymous Private Internet Browsing & Geo-Unlocking

Many websites use geoblocking to prevent people in different regions accessing certain content. Streaming service providers like Netflix are just one example. However, airlines also use geoblocking to serve different ticket pricing to people depending on their location.

Shielded VPN circumvents geoblocking, by allowing you to access any site, anytime, from over 140 different countries.

Protecting Your Data & Privacy

VPN web browsing with Shielded VPN protects your privacy by preventing ad tracking and leaking of sensitive personal information.

When you use our VPN tunnel network, we anonymize your physical IP details and encrypt all data you send and receive when browsing automatically.

Helping Support Internet Freedom

Governments and corporations routinely monitor journalists and activists online. In places like China, free Internet access is also impossible thanks to intelligence agency spying and censorship firewalls.

Shielded VPN supports Internet freedom by making secure, censorship-resistant private Internet access available in over 140- different countries.

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